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Things I have to recharge

I really like the convenience of rechargeable electronics, but they can also be a headache.  Sometimes I feel like I'm always recharging something, so I thought I'd see just how bad it is by making a list:

Power adapter

Things I have to recharge

  1. Mobile phone
  2. Bluetooth headset
  3. Digital camera
  4. Wireless computer mouse
  5. Notebook computer
  6. Beard trimmer
  7. Electric razor
  8. Electric screwdriver
  9. Dremel rotary tool
  10. Cordless drill
  11. Hedge trimmer

The list is shorter than I expected, but I think the real  challenge is not the number of things to recharge, but managing everything so it's ready when I want to use it.  This can be tough when it comes things I use very rarely, but want to be charged when I need it, like my cordless drill.  It came with two batteries, but despite having used it ~5 times and rotating the batteries once in a while, one is dead & the other holds only a small charge.  I guess that's why it was only $49.  In fact, buying two replacement batteries would cost just about as much as a new drill (of the same type)!

Update: 2007.03.31 - It looks like this may become less of a problem, now that a company called Powercast has invented a way to transmit power without wires!

Not all rechargeable electronics are created equal.  Here are my preferences for the major types: 

  • Ideal:
    • Works with a power cord attached in addition to battery power.  Example: notebook computers.
    • Takes standard batteries (rare these days) in addition to rechargable ones.  Example: my old digital camera (If I ever ran low on power, I could stop at a store or gas station almost anywhere and get batteries.)
  • Reasonable: Permits easy battery swapping.  This is fine, provided battery cost isn't exorbitant.  Example: modern digital cameras.
  • Bad: Uses integrated rechargable batteries.  Example: my electric razor and screwdriver.  Both of these have lasted and performed very well, but why not give them virtually infinite life with a replacable battery?  These devices fall into the category of unnecessarily disposable items, about which I'll write another time.

What's on your list of things to recharge?


What you need is wireless power. All it takes is a chip and a power mat. Too bad nobody is taking advantage of it.

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