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del.icio.us Tip: You can type delicious.com to get to del.icio.us!


You can type delicious.com to get to del.icio.us!

Every time I tell someone about del.icio.us -- one of my top 5 online tools -- they complain about how hard it is to correctly type the address.  It's certainly an innovative name, but it would be hard to call it "catchy" since it's so tough to remember where to put the dots. 

Today my wife asked, "So how do I get to del.icio.us again?"  When I told her how to type it, she added her complaint to the list, and I agree; having to remember precisely how to type it is a deterrent.  We thought to try delicious.com, and it worked!

It's no surprise they'd make this work; they've done an incredible job of imagining ways to use the service, and making del.icio.us flexible enough to accomodate & inspire its users' creativity.  Thanks, del.icio.us Team, for providing an easy way to get to your excellent service!