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My blog has moved; please update your subscriptions!



My blog has moved, and I figure the best way to make people aware of this is using my blog!

Update: 2006.02.09 - I decided to get my own domain name.  My blog's permanent home is:




FortuneCity, the company that ran myblogsite.com (where I had my first blog) decided to get out of the blog hosting business, so I migrated to blogharbor.com, their recommended alternative.  The migration was fast, and so far seems to have been done flawlessly, with the notable exception that all of my links to my own articles still point to the "myblogsite.com" domain; that's actually a pain, since I've referenced my own articles quite a bit.  I may contact their support department and see if they can do a quick s/myblogsite/blogharbor/g on all my posts...

I'm not sure I should have to pay for blog hosting anymore than I have to pay for email, but I need to do some more thinking and research before reaching a conclusion about that.  For now, I have BlogHarbor's 30 days of free trial until I have to really decide.

Aside from the post editor, which I don't like, I very much like this blog hosting platform, so I hope to end up somewhere that either provides it or something better.  If you know of a better platform (see my post on why I like myblogsite.com, which mainly was about the platform), drop a comment!


Update: Since writing this, I moved to Movable Type on Yahoo Web Hosting, with my own domain name, so a lot of the above no longer applies.