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Photon Micro Light LED Flashlight - Small, lightweight, bright, & goes anywhere

As you can tell from my post about the Leatherman Micra, I really like small, unobtrusive tools that have a high utility/size & weight ratio.

Photon Micro Light

The Photon Micro Light is another tool/gadget I've carried for several years, and it's served me very well & proved its worth time and time again. I am a fanatic about minimizing what's on my keychain, but this light is so small, lightweight, and useful, it's earned the right to stay there.

I have a Photon II, which isn't quite as advanced as the Photon III, but unless it ever breaks (which I doubt), the differences aren't important enough to me that it's worth upgrading.

These come in several colors, (even infrared!) each of which has its purpose. I recently switched from red (good for preserving night vision & working in semi-stealth mode) to blue (extremely bright & visible), since I rarely need the benefits of red. That would have been a good time to upgrade, but I got the blue Photon II on sale, which was part of what prompted the switch.

There are other keychain LED flashlights, but the Photon is the original, as far as I know, and I have yet to see another that has the same mix of size, weight, and quality.