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OpenX - A safe, effective package opening tool

At first glance, I thought "I already have a utility knife", but looking at the OpenX site and seeing how easily this tool glides through packages reminds me that opening those "everyone-proof" plastic packages usually requires more force than feels safe.

OpenX demo

Using this tool does look a fair amount safer. Besides, I keep my utility knife in the toolkit in the garage, so I rarely bother to go get it for opening stuff.

OpenX package opener

Since I don't have it yet, I can't actually recommend it, but check out the site, and see what you think. At $5 shipped "today only", it's worth getting!

Credit: Gizmodo

(I could imagine this ending up on the Cool Tools blog, if it's not there already.)

Update: Now that I've had mine a while, I can say it's a really decent tool, and safer than anything else I've used to open packages; definitely worth $5! They treat you to a nice bit of irony when you get it.