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Leatherman Micra - My favorite pocket tool

I've carried a Leatherman Micra for years, and I love it! It's small, reasonably light-weight, very strong, and has a good variety of tools - I think Leatherman struck a perfect balance with the Micra.

It's surprising how often it's useful to have around; my wife doesn't carry hers, but often asks, "Do you have your Micra?", and I always do. I guess that works well enough since we're together most of the time, but I still like to remind her how handy it is every time she asks to use it. ;)

Leatherman Micra

If I'm wearing jeans, I carry my Micra in the "watch pocket". If you do this, be sure to carry it hinge-up, so you don't slice your fingers by reaching in to get it only to nudge it open and expose the scissor blades.

The full-sized Leatherman tools are great for specific tasks & activities. For example, this year the city required all Christmas trees to fit in the green waste container for disposal. I didn't have a saw, so I used my Wave to cut our tree in half and prune the branches; the saw blade didn't even break a sweat! For me, though, they're too big for every day carry.

I have yet to find or hear of a better general-purpose, small pocket tool. If you know of one, drop a comment and explain why it's better (presuming you're familiar enough with the Micra to be able to do so).