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Logitech Cordless Action Controller - Great cordless PlayStation controller


Video game controller cables are a pain!

For as long as I've had my PS2, I've been plagued by either:

  • using controller cable extenders, which result in a mass of cables strewn across the room (while playing), or jumbled up next to the TV(while not playing) or,
  • pulling the PS2 out from beside the TV, so I don't have to use the cable extenders, which results in the PS2 sitting in the middle of the room and having to be moved back and forth all the time

In either case, as I'm sure you know if you don't already have cordless controllers, the cords are a pain. I waited a long time to find a good cordless controller, mainly because I could never get a definitive answer on which is really worth getting.


Logitech Cordless Action Controller

Thanks to a series of very positive reviews on Amazon, I picked up the Logitech Cordless Action Controller, ($30) and the reviewers were right; it's great!

Logitech Cordless Action Controller

I've had these for a couple weeks now, and played several fast-paced games with them. I've experienced absolutely no lag or delays, and would challenge anyone to detect that they're wireless (aside from the feeling of freedom!) It feels very similar to the original. The only minor drawback is the "D pad" -- the directional arrows on the left side above the analog stick. The original controller has 4 separate directional buttons, but this one has a single rocker pad that you have to move in each direction. The problem is, it's easy to accidentally press it the wrong way, but after playing for a while, I've gotten used to taking the little bit of extra care required to hit the right direction.

The controller has vibration, and runs on 2 AA batteries which are included. To get started, you just insert the batteries, plug in the receiver and play. Cordless controllers totally change the console gaming experience, and this is definitely the one to get. I highly recommend you get some and free yourself from cables!