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Somebody get Jack Bauer a bluetooth headset already!

Is it just me, or does Kiefer Sutherland's character, Jack Bauer on "24" really need a bluetooth headset?

Motorola bluetooth headset

He's always on the phone with CTU, and it's really starting to stress me out to watch him whip out his handset 25 times per episode, often in pretty intense situations when it would be better to have 2 hands free. I can't think of a better justification for this technology than the situations he gets into. A BT headset really would enable him to multitask better and actually be more effective!

The show tries to be "techie" in many ways, and goes to great lengths to emphasize the value of communications, especially mobile, so why leave this out? I guess they really need "Q".

I'm tempted to send the producers email about this; if you see him start using one, you'll know where the idea came from!