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Travelers: Ease the pain of packing with Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes

I have some psychological problem with packing (I always perceive it to be a lot more of a pain than it really is), and it impacts my desire to travel. I have found, however, that Eagle Creek's "Pack-It Cubes" make packing and managing what I've packed a lot easier.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube

The idea behind using cubes is to make packing "modular", which gives you more flexibility and helps you better organize your stuff. For example, they're great for taking advantage of otherwise wasted space in our convertible's small (and somewhat oddly-shaped) trunk; we stuff cubes into the nooks and crannies around our bags for weekend getaways, and it's surprising how much more we can carry using them!

You can pack socks, undergarments, t-shirts, etc. each into their own cubes, so you have all of each type of clothing in the same place. They are especially nice if there is limited space where you're staying. You can put cubes right into dresser drawers and save time unpacking, or empty the contents of your cubes and fill them back up with dirty clothes as you use them. Either way, to re-pack, you just fill your cubes, toss them in a suitcase, and go; they make figuring out what goes where a lot easier!

Cubes are washable, hardly take any extra space, and are part mesh, so you can see what's inside. They come in different colors, so you can organize clothing by cube color, or if you're travelling with someone and sharing luggage, each can use a single color or set of colors to quickly identify what belongs to whom.

There are 2-sided cubes (which can be used for separating wet & dry clothing), half & quarter cubes, and padded cubes, as well as Pack-It Sacs for organizing smaller things, and Pack-It Shoe Sacs. If you're into compressing to save space, Eagle Creek makes compressors too.

If you've ever had your luggage searched, you can imagine how much easier it makes things to have everything separated into cubes, both for the search and re-packing. In general, though, these are a great idea, and well worth the money.